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Detachable turbulent pressure compensation dripper

Name:Detachable turbulent pressure compensation dripper
Details : Detachable turbulent pressure compensating dripper is made of new PP material with anti-oxidant and anti-UV additive to produce anti-aging and long service life. It has a labyrinth-type large flow channel to effectively control the deviation of flow under different working pressures. If the dripper on the turbulent tube is not filtered due to the water source, the dripper can be removed and cleaned to prevent the dripper from being scrapped due to blockage.
1. The dripper can be accurately installed in the required place, which can effectively reduce the construction and maintenance costs.
2, 4mm barbed water inlet, to prevent debris from entering the dripper when the system starts, can be directly installed on the main pipe, linked with Dn6 capillary
3. When the crop water requirement increases with the crop growth stage, the number of drip heads can be increased to increase the drip density to meet the crop water requirements.

4. It can be installed in “spider web” to divert the drip irrigation water supply to several drip outlets.

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