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Ground insert adjustable dripper

Name:Ground insert adjustable dripper
Details : 1. The flow and irrigation range can be adjusted, and the rotating cover can adjust the flow rate and spray coverage.
2. The dripper cover can be opened for easy inspection and cleaning.
3, AOD0170B with barb bypass, can be directly punched on the Dn12-32PE pipe, easy to install and maintain.
4. Among them, AOD0170H is inserted into the ground and can be connected with Dn5/3mmPVC (or Dn6mmPE) capillary tube, and can be inserted in the vicinity of the crop at any fixed point.
5, using high-quality plastic, resistant to chemical corrosion, anti-outline, anti-aging.
6, a wide range of flow adjustment, can be applied to the irrigated areas of the terrain.

7. Suitable for crops such as bushes, nurseries, fruit trees and potted plants.

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