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Adjustable dripper

Name:Adjustable dripper
Details : 1. The adjustable dripper can be directly connected to the PE hose for punching or connected to the 4/7 capillary.
2. The flow and irrigation range can be adjusted, and the rotating cover can be adjusted.
3. Maintain constant current and uniform irrigation when laying for long distances or pressure fluctuations.
4, automatic cleaning, the initial water flow flushing the flow channel, anti-blocking performance is good.
5, flexible and convenient, the dripper can be installed on hoses of various specifications.
6. The adjustable dripper can be installed on the capillary tube first or on the construction site.
7, AOD0170B with barb bypass, can be directly punched and installed on the Dn12-32PE pipe, easy to install and maintain.
8, AOD0170H with ground insertion, can be connected with Dn5 / 3mmPVC (or Dn6mmPE) capillary, inserted in the vicinity of the crop at any fixed point.
9. Adjustable dripper is made of new PP material with anti-oxidant and anti-ultraviolet additive to produce anti-aging and long service life. The adjustable dripper has 8 water outlets which can be adjusted into sprinkling, dripping and closing.
10, turn left to close, turn right to adjust the flow of water, the water distance can reach 1.3 meters in diameter, flow adjustable range: 1-70L / h from dripping to water to meet your various needs.

11. According to the difference of pressure before and after the pipeline, the adjustable dripper water output can be adjusted to achieve the effect of pressure compensation. For example, the dripper can be removed due to the unfiltered water source, and the dripper can be scrapped due to blockage.

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