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Straight drop arrow

Name:Straight drop arrow
Details :

Straight drop arrow is made of new PP material with anti-oxidant and anti-UV additives to produce long-term aging resistance. The drip arrow has the advantages of precise irrigation and uniform water discharge. It is the most suitable irrigation device for potted plants, potted plants, seedlings and three-dimensional greening. There are curved arrows and straight arrows, which can be combined with single arrow, double arrow and four arrows. The construction is convenient. The arrow is inserted into the soil or the culture substrate to fix the diversion; the handle is about 5 cm long and has a fine labyrinth flow channel inserted into a hose with an inner diameter of 3 mm. A precision filter is added to the drop handle to greatly enhance its anti-clogging performance.
1. The labyrinth long flow channel arrow handle structure, effective decompression, accurate and uniform dripping; diaphragm-type steady flow dripper, infiltration irrigation allows the water to be inserted into the rod to avoid scouring the soil or matrix.
2. It can be combined with the most irrigated DN5/3PVC hoses in China to form a curved drop arrow, two curved arrows, four curved arrows and other random groups. It can be combined with other Chinese irrigation drip heads. It is convenient to increase pressure compensation and anti-leakage function.
3, suitable for greenhouse, nursery, garden potted plant irrigation, combined with PE thin hose in the greenhouse and nursery has great flexibility.

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