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How to maintain agricultural irrigation equipment

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After the agricultural irrigation drip irrigation system equipment is put into agricultural production, it can bring us great convenience. As with other equipment, agricultural irrigation equipment also needs to be maintained. After all, the agricultural environment is complex and varied, and many natural factors erode irrigation equipment. Then how to maintain various agricultural irrigation drip irrigation equipment, the following Fujian harvest irrigation manufacturers for the friends you need to explain the maintenance of agricultural irrigation system equipment.
1. Irrigation equipment should regularly check whether the filtration system is clogged (usually judged by the pressure difference between front and rear), and clean it in time. The damage should be replaced. (Before removing the filter element, shut off the pump and cut off the main valve to prevent unfiltered source water from entering the pipe network)
2. Irrigation equipment regularly checks the operation of the pump to avoid the humidity of the pump house, ensuring that the power supply is stable and there is no phase loss.
3. Irrigation equipment often checks the valve connection, the pipe network for leaks, and whether the emitter is damaged.
4. In winter, the water in the system should be drained in time. Check the items one by one before starting in the next year to ensure that the system can be turned on.

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