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Effect of Micro-sprinkler Irrigation Technique on the Growth of Tieguanyin Tea Tree

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Micro-sprinkler irrigation is a new type of water-saving irrigation method developed on the basis of drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. It has a series of advantages such as water conservation, crop yield improvement, energy saving, easy automation control and strong adaptability to terrain.

1. Effect of micro-sprinkler irrigation on photosynthetic pigment content of Tieguanyin tea tree
The micro-sprinkler treatment in autumn is conducive to the growth of Tieguanyin tea tree, which can improve the content of chlorophyll a, total chlorophyll and carotenoid in tea leaves. The leaves of tea leaves treated with micro-sprinkler irrigation are dark green, while the leaves treated with control are yellow-green. .

2. Effect of micro-sprinkler irrigation on the characteristics of Tieguanyin tea tree Yellow River
Micro-sprinkler treatment can significantly increase the net photosynthetic rate and stomatal conductance of tea trees, which are 45.83% and 112.66% higher than the control, respectively. This is mainly because micro-sprinkler irrigation greatly increases the stomatal opening, which is beneficial to the entry of CO2 into the pores and the increase of CO2 concentration in the leaves. High, intercellular CO2 concentration increased, leading to an increase in leaf photosynthetic efficiency.

3. Effect of micro sprinkler irrigation on tea yield
Micro-irrigation treatment significantly improved the environmental conditions of Tieguanyin tea tree growth, which was conducive to the growth of tea trees, promoted the germination and shoot growth of tea tree axillary buds, increased the number of leaves and leaf weight, and increased tea yield. The yield of fresh and dry weight of tea by micro-sprinkler treatment increased by 75% and 61.22%, the number of shoots increased by 21.61%, the length of new shoots increased by 4.85cm, the number of leaves of each new shoot increased by 1.5, and the weight of fresh leaf louver increased by 9.81%.

4. Effect of micro sprinkler irrigation on tea quality
After the micro-spray irrigation treatment of Tieguanyin tea tree, the content of tea polyphenols in fresh leaves increased by 23.11%, the content of caffeine decreased by 9.81%, the content of protein increased by 11.77%, and the content of soluble sugar increased by 17.42%.

The sprinkler irrigation technology of water and fertilizer can be based on the water demand of the crop and the soil condition, timely and appropriate scientific irrigation, improve the microclimate in the field, and make the soil water, fertilizer, gas and heat always at the best.
Secondly, sprinkler irrigation can wash away the dust and pests on the surface of the leaves, reduce the pests and diseases of tea trees, and enhance the photosynthesis of tea leaves. In the dry season, under suitable irrigation conditions, the yield of tea can be increased and the quality of tea can be significantly improved.

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