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Intelligent remote central control system

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The intelligent remote central control system independently developed by Dafengshui Irrigation is an irrigation management method that integrates automatic control technology, sensor technology, communication technology and computer technology. Through the agricultural Internet of Things, real-time environmental monitoring, intelligent alarm system, remote automatic control, And an environmental analysis that relies on historical data to achieve an irrigation automation system. The intelligent remote central control system can automatically adjust irrigation measures based on on-site meteorology and plant water consumption to achieve intelligent irrigation and automation. Give full play to the role of water-saving irrigation equipment, optimize irrigation systems, and improve efficiency. Through automatic control systems, colleagues who save water, save energy, save labor, and reduce irrigation costs improve irrigation quality.

Agricultural internet of things
Within the range of crop irrigation growth, a large number of sensor nodes constitute a monitoring network, and information is collected by various sensors to monitor the environmental parameters of crop production. The realization of remote control enables technicians to monitor and control the environment of large fields or multiple greenhouses in the office to detect physical parameters such as temperature and humidity, pH value, light intensity, soil nutrient and CO2 concentration in the environment. And use it as a prediction of crop growth and pests

Real-time environmental monitoring
1) Remotely view real-time environmental data of the greenhouse, greenhouse monitoring video, and save video files through a computer or mobile phone. Users can directly view real-time graphs of greenhouse environmental data and master the greenhouse crop growth environment.
2) The greenhouse environmental alarm record is promptly reminded, and the technician can directly handle the alarm in the office, the system records the processing information, and remotely controls the greenhouse equipment.
3) Remotely and automatically control environmental equipment in the greenhouse to improve work efficiency such as automatic irrigation system, fan, side window, top window, etc.

Intelligent alarm system
1) The system can flexibly set the upper and lower thresholds of different environmental parameters of each greenhouse. Once the threshold is exceeded, the system can remind the corresponding manager by means of SMS, system message, etc. according to the configuration.

2) The system can view the related greenhouse equipment according to the alarm record, control the greenhouse equipment more timely and quickly, and effectively deal with the greenhouse environment.

Remote automatic control
1) The system enables users to remotely control greenhouse equipment without leaving the home through advanced remote automation control technology.
2) The rules can be customized to allow the entire greenhouse equipment to be automatically controlled as environmental parameters change. For example, when the soil moisture is too low, the greenhouse irrigation system automatically starts watering.

Historical data analysis
1) The system can query and compare historical environment data through different conditions.
2) Support the list and chart in two different ways to view, the user can see the historical data curve more intuitively.

Irrigation automatic control system
1) Using irrigation controller, adjust irrigation time and water volume according to on-site meteorology and plant water consumption, realize irrigation intelligentization and automation, save water and energy, and save labor. Colleagues who reduce irrigation costs improve irrigation quality.
2) Flexible system configuration. The communication between the controllers can be carried out by means of cable lines, telephone network lines, etc.; there is a wireless and cable connection between the controller and the controller; the link between the controller and the solenoid valve can be a conventional cable or "two Line "decoder mode. Make irrigation more scientific, convenient, and improve management.

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