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[have to look at] drip irrigation and micro-irrigation

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1. Although drip irrigation has been used for more than 40 years, how to popularize and how to make the people really benefit from it is still a problem. Nowadays, there are irrigation products in China, just like many people still use cattle to cultivate land, and some people use John Deere's tractors.
2, with drip irrigation you can control irrigation and fertilization well, to obtain greater irrigation and fertilization uniformity, in order to obtain better income, but drip irrigation is easy to block, need to plan ahead. Irrigation in the years of irrigation in Fujian Province, the old people know how to implant the turbulent self-cleaning function design in the labyrinth channel to enhance the anti-clogging performance while achieving uniformity.
3, small tube outflow is actually a relatively primitive drip irrigation product, according to modern standards, that thing is not used, but now some people are buying, in use, in fact, the difference between the same ditch irrigation is not large, can not be classified as real The range of efficient irrigation.
4, the stabilizer actually plays the role of pressure compensation dripper, but many manufacturers actually just made a shape, God is not like. But the national conditions are produced and everyone buys.
5, water spray belt is a kind of micro-spray or even sprinkler irrigation, high energy consumption, poor uniformity, difficult to control, labor, field humidity, unfavorable for pest control, is being eliminated by large users, but many do not have the same The growers who really talked about love have mistakenly used the micro-spray belt as a drip irrigation belt and still use it in large quantities.
6. Water and fertilizer integration is a hot topic at present. In fact, the advantage of drip irrigation itself is that it can be fertilized and fertilized together. This kind of “fashion” is like someone suddenly discovers that a cup can hold water and drink, and now it can be used to make tea. It is also like the fact that you can add glucose when you are sick and hang salt water. From the venturi to the high pressure of the venturi, to the smart water and fertilizer machine, the rich family of harvest products is your intimate butler.
7. Drip irrigation and micro-spraying are just irrigation equipment. Many users use their experience and feelings to irrigate. It is very worrying to see that the topsoil is still dry after drip irrigation, so many users use drip irrigation to flood the water.
It is important to know that irrigation is less harmful to crops, but it is also disadvantageous. Do not flood the crops. You have to use something to detect the soil moisture. You don't have to dig it with your shovel and rub it with your hand. It has to have years of correct experience. Nowadays, the most advanced irrigation IoT system has been born. The Harvest Farm Wisdom Farm App is more convenient, and you can “get it all right” anytime and anywhere, to ensure that you don’t have a lot of crops, the crops are just right and the best.
8, don't invest in the filter! The filter is the most important thing in drip irrigation and micro-injection systems. If there is a problem with the filter, everything will be “and eggs”.
However, it is also necessary to use the correct filter according to the water quality. No water can be directly used for drip irrigation and micro-spraying. For example, surface water should pay special attention to algae and organic matter. Groundwater should pay special attention to metal ions such as iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium. The content and the amount of sediment, the problem is artificial, to prevent blockage from starting here. Conditional use of automatic backwashing filtration system can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor, and avoid the human system forgetting to clean the tube filtration system.
9. Drip irrigation is not better than micro-spraying. Each has its own living space. For example, drip irrigation in sand has leaked. It has advantages in using micro-spray, and some foreign micro-spray products are specially used to replace. Drip irrigation, as well as micro-spraying and anti-frost function, the irrigation speed is fast, and can quickly meet the urgent needs of crops. Again, you have to find a professional team that will be designed for you based on your crop habits and soil type.
10. Try not to save some important parts of the irrigation system, such as air valves, pressure gauges, water meters, pressure relief valves, etc. The air valve can protect the safety of the system and the main equipment, improve the water delivery efficiency, save electricity or fuel; the water meter and pressure gauge can help the user to understand the working state and changes of the irrigation system; the pressure relief valve can effectively prevent the system pressure fluctuation from exceeding the system ability. Don't feel that these "prepared things" are dispensable. There is really a problem. Without their protection, the whole system may be affected.
11, the selection of the pump is very critical, will affect the long-term operating costs, such as the Grundfos pump parameters are very detailed, although the pump is three times more expensive than others, but the power may be a small level, after two years, the electricity bill can be calculated It's free. The same is true for Hua Wei's fittings. You don't have to worry about the hot summer. It cracks in a cold winter or needs to be tied with iron wire. Value is always more important than price.
12. Small bases with low investment can consider self-pressure drip irrigation in pools or buckets, or install a small 220 volt pump still works well. Users with large areas can consider automatic or intelligent drip irrigation or micro-injection systems. Although the investment is large, the investment will be quickly earned based on the current labor costs, and it is more manageable.
13, do drip irrigation to find a responsible technical strength of the company to design and install, you have to calculate, do not install a drip irrigation system is actually enough irrigation, then you lose money. Hua Wei sells not plastic goods, plus the design has become an agricultural equipment to help you make money.
14, bought a drip irrigation or micro-spray, and then buy a set of intelligent water and fertilizer machine with automatic sensor monitoring function, in order to really save labor, save water, save energy, high yield and good quality, she will help you give it The investment is earned back quickly! Now more and more smart farmers like her and she can't do without her.
15. After installing drip irrigation or micro-spraying, at least train a qualified operation and maintenance personnel. Drip irrigation and micro-spraying are very simple, but regular maintenance is required. Just like you need to do regular maintenance for the car, do not save the necessary Maintenance and maintenance, do not use the irrigation system savagely, all in order to reduce your production costs.
16, a total of one sentence, find the real irrigation people, buy real goods to the real program, the real effect, really save money and really make money

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